We cannot deny the reality of climate change and aviation’s role in it. And while programs like carbon offsetting may make us feel better when we travel, it certainly isn’t a solution to the contribution aviation is making to climate change. Aviation is responsible for about 3.5% of emissions that contribute to climate change and while this may seem like a relatively small number, to effectively combat climate change all industries should do their part.

Aviafuture aims to look at the future of air travel and promote the many new technologies and aircraft being developed across the world that aim to eventually move aviation away from fossil fuels and into a more sustainable future. Excite people about the cutting-edge solutions that are being developed across the world and keep people up to date about the latest developments in the sector.

To be specific, this site aims to report on aircraft that can carry at least one person (even if that person happens to be the pilot), so unmanned drones aren’t discussed here. Further, Aviafuture is looking at aircraft using new propulsion methods that don’t involve fossil fuels, so the aim of this site is not to report on efficiency improvements of traditional fossil fuel burning aircraft engines, unless the gains are truly remarkable. Over the coming decades, aviation will be radically transformed as we start to embrace these new technologies, and Aviafuture is here for it.